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Media Releases

Anchorage News Letter - 2012


ANCHORAGE PONTOONS supplied the triathlon swimming pontoon, 65 metres long by 3 metres wide, with two landing platforms for 16 metre gangways. Nikopoulos said it was one of the best World Cup stages he had ever seen and New Zealand had passed a major test ahead of the 2012 Grand Final.

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Marina World Magazine Sept/Oct 2008 No.49 Vol 9 Issue 1

Modular docks suit rugged locations Polyethylene pontoons are not a new idea but existing products do not necessarily suit every location. A market gap was perceived by Anchorage Pontoons for a unit that could withstand the constant wind levels prevalent to its local New Zealand market. As smaller sized products were found to be either insufficiently stable or incapable of surviving strong tides and winds, the company set about developing a new product that would work.

Company founder Carl Jensen, who has been installing marine systems for 12 years, has developed a range of modules from 1.5 sq m to 6.0 sq m that are claimed to outperform smaller units. After exhaustive testing, an improved jointing system was also designed to soak up wave force and improve the structural integrity of the module, which remains flat and sturdy.

Units are available in five sizes, and corner modules and pile brackets are manufactured from the same polyethylene to enhance the overall look of the finished product. The company can design service channels within the pontoons.
Although designed with the New Zealand market uppermost in mind, Anchorage Pontoons is also keenly eying potential export markets and seeks international distributors.

Contact Anchorage Pontoons Ltd in New Zealand on email: carl@anchoragepontoons.com

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Pontoon is ace card for Kerrs Reach

Christchurch has a magnificent new rowing facility at Kerrs Reach on the River Avon. Rowers will no longer have to watch out for broken glass and used syringes or contend with muddy bottoms (in both senses) as they launch their skiffs off a purpose-built pontoon.

The design and installation of the pontoons and ramps are the work of Auckland based company, Salta Docks & Marine Ltd who are the official Australasian supplier for Connect-A-Dock Rowing Pontoons (a product of the U.S.A.).

These pontoons have been used all over the world in rowing clubs and at competition venues with great success. They were officially unveiled by Deputy Christchurch Mayor Carole Evans at a special ceremony recently.

South Island rowing stalwart John Wylie commented: "The Christchurch City Council has shown itself to be a leader in being the first to provide these facilities that are worthy of the hours and effort put into this sport by so many people of all ages and walks of life."

"No question, it's all going to be much easier for crews. Launching boats on those cold, dark, early winter morning practice sessions is going to be so much easier."

'Courtesy of Rowing New Zealand’

The new pontoons provide a state-of-the-art launching and landing area for the many crews using the Kerrs Reach stretch
of water.

Locals and members of the rowing community turned out in force to see new pontoons officially launched.

Deputy Mayor of Christchurch Carole Evans was on hand to say a few words and officially unveil the completed
pontoon project.

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