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Anchorage PE Pontoons

The Low Maintenance System

Anchorage PE Pontoons go beyond anything that has been offered to the berthing industry before. Designed to provide performance that was never thought possible from a marine pontoon.

The Anchorage PE Pontoons has a rough water capability and can be used in situations that other pontoon manufacturers can only dream of.

The flexible coupling system allows the individual pontoons to dissipate the energy of the water and reduce the damaging force usually associated with normal concrete or timber pontoons.

Manufactured from Medium Density Polyethylene this rotary moulded pontoon comes complete as a floatation unit with a non-slip deck.

Available in 4 sizes:
(click on the sizes below to view drawings of each one)

3 x 2.0 metres = 6 M2
3 x 1.5 metres = 4.5 M2
3 x 1.0 metres = 3.0 M2
1 x 1.5 metres = 1.5 M2

Corner Pile Module

Pile Module

All sizes of pontoons can be coupled together and in any direction. This system does not require drilling or welding. All components such as connectors, pile brackets, cleats, fenders, ladders etc. are fabricated in the factory and are guaranteed to fit.

Anchorage PE pontoons provide socket spaces dedicated to all standard accessories and connectors for a perfect fit every time’.

This is the ideal system.

Boat Ramp Pontoons
Boat ramps exposed to the weather are not a problem. We can tailor make a system to suit.

Using the Anchorage PE Pontoons system we can create a boat ramp pontoon that will provide fast easy launching and retrieval of trailer craft.
  • No more wet feet
  • No more arguments on who will fetch the vehicle
  • Easy access for the elder person & small children
  • Faster turn around on the ramp
  • Bad weather retrievals made easy
  • No more damage to the boat by running aground on the ramp

Beach & Estuary Pontoons
Run your pontoon directly down the beach. Ideal for areas with limited access. A quick and easy method of accessing craft for boarding and loading. Suitable for areas with estuary access. Minimum maintenance - how easy can it get!

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